Learn to ballroom dance. Check out our Showcases!

No partner or experience required. Just show up and we’ll take care of the rest. Our group lessons make learning to ballroom dance easy, fun, and affordable.

To give you a better idea of what ballroom dancing looks like and how much fun it can be, check out the videos below! These were from the University of Arizona’s Wildcat Dancesport Showcase.


Stephen and Taylor American Tango
Nic and Lily American V. Waltz
Mary and Brenna American Rumba
Byron and Kelli West Coast Swing
Nate and Keerthana American Waltz
Aaron and Taylor American Rumba
Ibrahim and Amy Standard Tango
Ibrahim and Amy International Samba
Nic and Lia East Coast Swing
Sunglin and Jessica International Jive
Spencer and Calli Salsa


Aaron and Taylor – Bolero:
Bolero – Sep.06, 2018

Alex and Athena – Waltz:
Waltz – Sep.06, 2018

Ibrahim and Amy – Quickstep:
Quickstep – Sep.06, 2018

Nate and Keerthana – Tango:
Tango – Sep.06, 2018

Spencer and Tori – Paso Doble:
Paso Doble – Sep.06, 2018

Stephen and Heather – Jive:
Jive – Sep.06, 2018

Sunglin and Mary – Foxtrot:
Foxtrot – Sep.06, 2018

Aaron and Kelli – Viennese Waltz:
Viennese Waltz – Sep.06, 2018